The real reasons girls wear makeup and don't

by - October 27, 2017

Wearing or not wearing makeup is too often constrained to one or two reasons either being with media pressure and self doubt or being overly confident. 

***Disclaimer- here I refer to girls as wearing makeup. I am not saying the guys cannot/ should not wear makeup or do not wear makeup. I am completely accepting of guys who choose to wear makeup and believe people should embrace who they are. ***

Makeup. Mostly, when we read things about makeup in the media, it's both extremes. It is either girls are wearing too much makeup so they are not very confident and trying to seek validation and the media pressure is the reason they are wearing makeup or they have a bare face so they are overconfident, don't have any insecurities and "haven't made an effort and do not look presentable enough". It has almost become a you can't get it right kind of thing. If you wear makeup, you're supposedly concealing and covering up therefore not being so 'real' and if you don't wear makeup you haven't made enough of an effort and you look 'tired'.

It has almost been forgotten that whether someone wears makeup or not is a choice that may not necessarily be influenced by anything but themselves. There are many many opinions why women wear makeup (not saying that we are the only people who wear it) but too often it is restricted to a couple of reasons when in reality there are many and it cannot simply be generalised into a couple of categories. Most times I come across articles on the internet about makeup, it is portrayed as something negative that society is forcing girls to do to either to please others and seek validation or out of a lack of confidence. Although, media pressure can influence whether a girl wears makeup or not, too often it is generalised to people wear makeup out of media pressure and insecurity. Makeup is a creative expression- people don't necessarily wear it out of insecurity or to please others. There are many people who wear makeup out of choice- not for anyone else but for themselves. It is a way to transform, be able to look different - almost the same as you wear different clothes to a party and to school or work.

Girls can wear makeup as a confidence booster, but that doesn't mean that they feel incomplete without it- girls can feel just as complete with makeup or without. Whilst some girls may wear makeup to impress, much more often that not it is for themselves and just because it can be therapeutic. Because it is fun, it is an art, it is creative and because there is something beautiful about the transformation of makeup and the power of it. Makeup is an expression of personality and many people who chose to wear it are just expressing their personality the exact same way it is done with clothes. Makeup is a statement. Makeup is an act of self-care- you look after your face- you moisturise and you wash, you are gentle and you are taking the time to do something that can make you feel good.

Likewise, those who choose not to wear makeup are not necessarily overconfident females who have no insecurities. Most people do have insecurities and as a girl, I'm sure I don't just speak for myself when I say I don't wear makeup everyday, but still have my own insecurities. There is something awesome about not wearing makeup too and appreciating natural features. Having more time to focus on other things or experiment with something else. Some busy people don't have the time to do a full face of makeup. Some girls don't like makeup. The idea of putting products on their face and skin is not something they find appealing or something they want to do- some might not like the way makeup feels on their skin. Not every girl is like the stereotype the media presents.Some have very sensitive skin and makeup can cause allergic reactions or their skin to break out. Makeup isn't free... Some would rather invest their money in other things... Not wearing makeup on a regular basis makes experimenting with it more fun. The list is absolutely endless.

Girls can feel pretty and complete with or without makeup.

There are so many reasons why a girl or guy chooses to wear or not wear makeup and it is something that cannot be generalised into a single reason. People should have the freedom to do with their face whatever they please without judgement. So next time we see someone wearing or not wearing makeup, let's appreciate their individuality.

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