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If you would like me to guest post, collaborate with me or in any way work with me, please contact me by email: 
Alternatively, you can fill out the form at the bottom of this page!

Work with me:


All the designs/graphics on my blog are designed by me. I am happy to help with graphics for social media or other blog posts at affordable prices - please email me and we can arrange any specific details. 


I will accept advertising requests or promotion of certain content if it is relevant and fits my blog. I am happy to advertise your products, website or any links in the sidebar of my blog and am open to advertising elsewhere, including on my social media (my monthly viewers vary from month to month) - please contact me to discuss specifics. 

Advertising for bloggers:

I am happy to support bloggers through links in my sidebar under a header of: "Blogs you may also like" for an affordable price.  I am also happy to consider advertising requests in other forms such as posts, social media (pins on Pinterest, retweets etc.). Please contact me to arrange this - I am willing to have some flexibility with prices - I would love to be able to support you!

Advertising package for bloggers

From £5 a month.

Collaborations and guest posts:

I am open to collaborations so long as it is relevant to my content - this includes working with businesses to promote products or writing for another blog. Please email me to arrange this. 

I also am happy to feature guest posts on my blog. However, the guest posts must be relevant to my content and authentic as well as not include any spam links. Guest posts can include links to your own profile, blog, social media and a short description at the bottom. 

General rules for guest posts:
  • The post must be related to my content  - I am open to considering things outside of lifestyle as long as you can explain how it fits my brand and how it would be useful to my readers. 
  • I have the right to accept or decline any posts and reserve the right to take them down from my blog.
  • You own your content - I will credit you and will not alter or change the core of your post without your permission. 
  • No excessive use of backlinks - backlinks and links to your own blog posts are fine, but they must be natural and not appear spam-like. 
  • I would like to see an initial draft post or ideas of what you will be writing about before agreeing to collaborate. 
  • The post must be original and not posted elsewhere. However, you can post the guest post on your blog as well after it has been posted on Esterella.  

Please email me or fill out the form if you would like to guest post or collaborate - I would be thrilled to hear from you!

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