Your best is always good enough

by - March 31, 2019

Your best is always good enough regardless of the result. If you are doubting this, you are probably stressing about the expectations you have to meet or are a little disappointed... I feel you, which is why I am here to remind you (and myself- I see you future me) that you are perfectly capable. If for whatever reason, (because you are human and we all go wrong sometimes) you do not manage to meet what you were aiming for at some point- it is OKAY. It does not mean you are less worthy or less capable.

I have been feeling the pressure recently to achieve a lot. Whilst I do believe I can, I feel nervous at not meeting expectations because it can be difficult and we all have off days. It is why I am writing this- as a reminder that it is fine to feel scared sometimes, it is OK to feel pressure to achieve lots (after all, external pressure means that people have faith in your abilities) and that whatever happens, you can pull through.

It is really easy to overthink things and feel like we are never going to make it. Goals can sometimes feel like a distant ideal you will not reach. But, it is normal and part of the process to struggle. Sometimes you just have to let go and trust the process. There have been other times where you have been in a situation where you were stressed about achieving certain milestones. Think about that -  remember you got through it and this too will pass. A lot of obstacles in life are stepping stones anyway, and once you are over it, it is not so significant in the long run. 

Everything is temporary and nothing lasts forever - this period in your life, where you are worried you will not get where you want to be, will end. Sometimes we just have to believe that we will end up wherever we need to be. Even if it's not the planned path, it will provide us with different experiences and opportunities, which we would have otherwise never had. It can be hard to see this when we feel we have let ourselves down. However, happiness can at times be found in places you would have never originally thought and I do believe that a lot of things do happen for a reason. An example for me was when I missed by 2 marks an A grade I needed to do biology at A-Level, a subject I loved and really wanted to do. I ended up doing Politics instead (a subject I would have never otherwise considered) and honestly, it was a much better match for me and I am a lot more skilled at writing essays than answering science questions and doing experiments. Not achieving what you set out to can teach you a lesson or redirect you down a route you never even realised you might enjoy. 

If it goes wrong, you will learn and grow stronger. Sometimes it does not go to plan, but remember your circumstances and that your best is all that can ever be expected of you. Your best will not always feel like your best.  But, doing your best does not mean you will always achieve the highest you are capable of achieving. It does not mean you cannot do better or will not do better in the future. It means doing all you can in your given situation and you should be proud of giving it your all. It can feel like there was more you could have done in retrospect, having new knowledge now, but you are not a machine. You cannot realistically be working all of the time and breaks are necessary. 

In my eyes, you can never regret working hard and doing all you can. It removes the possibility of what if. It stops you thinking about what could have happened if you had done all you were capable of in the moment.  

Your best is always enough, even if the result is not what you intended. 💓

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