Important Causes ❤️

I realise that on my blog I have not mentioned enough causes that I really care about and support in real life. I want this blog not only to be a positive space, but also a place where we can make positive change. Here I hope to include links, fundraisers, ways to donate and information on how to tackle problems faced in our society.  I also intend to include some of my own designs, of which I will be donating the profits (how much depends on what I am paid, which varies) to charities. I will include a variety of ways to help as I am aware that not everyone is in a financial position to donate. This will grow over the years. I also want to say that this is not an exhaustive list- there are so many things we need to be vocal about and tackle- so many that it is impossible to cover them all here. They are also not in any way listed in terms of priority - I believe that due to intersectionality (where certain individuals may face multiple barriers) that we need to do our best to tackle all inequality equally to ensure we live in a fairer society for all. 

General things you can do:

These things do not require you to donate any of your money, but are a way of helping charities and raising funds. I am only recommending things I have used, and have found are useful. 
  • Hold - this is an app that helps with productivity especially if you find you are getting distracted by your phone. It rewards you with points that you can use to get discounts on products or to donate money to charity. The charities and products are changed every so often. 
  • Ecosia - this is a search engine like Google you can use. But, in using this search engine part of the profits are used to plant trees, helping the environment.
  • The FreeRice App- a free multiple-choice game that through ads donates 10 grains of rice to people in need. 


Especially recently, with the rise of populism in politics, immigrants are often discriminated against and scapegoated for problems in the country. Common ideas like they are 'all criminals', a drain on the economy and just claim benefits float around (this is not true as most immigrants don't qualify for legal benefits). The case of Dano (EU law) means that an immigrant within the EU can not move to another member state solely to claim benefits. 

This is something really close to home as I wouldn't be in the UK if my parents had not immigrated from Spain. 


Legal Aid:

As a law student, hoping to one day become a lawyer I believe that everyone should be able to access representation. In the UK however, there have been increasing cuts to legal aid which means that this doesn't always happen. 


Many groups experience racism - Asian people, Hispanic people, Black people.  Each of their experiences will be different. Below are some resources - I cannot speak on behalf of any of these groups so. am constantly trying to stay as educated as possible. 

Fighting racism against the black community:

As someone who has never experienced racism and never will, it is so important I listen to people's experiences and learn from them. 

This is a place you can start in understanding racism, but is definitely not exhaustive. 
*affiliate link - I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you if you purchase it through the links below (any money I may earn will be donated to organisations helping fight racism).

Fighting racism against the Latin American community:

Fighting racism against the Asian community:


Below is a mug I designed for pride month of which all the profits I make will go to Outright Action International.  Although I am not part of the community, no one should be discriminated against for being different and forming part of this community. 

Just for transparency: redbubble, the interface I use does take a large cut of the earnings as the manufacturer and I typically will earn around £3 on average for mugs. 

Click the image below to purchase.