Letter to someone who feels let down by someone else...

by - August 16, 2019

I think most people will have dealt with this at some point and if not will probably have to in the future. This is actually a modified version of something I wrote to myself and for myself as a way to release and feel a little better about how I was feeling. Hope it helps someone. 

Dear reader, 

You’ll probably be upset at some point because someone will be unkind or won’t hear you out. You and I both know you’ve been in this situation lots of times. You’ll be having negative thoughts- that's natural, and they won't last forever.  Those people aren’t worth it. You already know that, and chances are that thinking about that won’t make you feel better. But there are so many other good people in the world waiting for you with open arms. So maybe it felt like they were your real friends, boyfriend, whoever- learn the lesson and move on. 

You’re probably feeling left out of the loop - remember there is a 100 more social events that you will have a blast in waiting just around the corner. Don’t waste your time on trying to ‘fix’ people that clearly aren’t making you happy. Let them do their thing. Don’t let them win - they want to see you upset - so go get yourself together and show them who you are and how you are a fighter and you can be HAPPY. You know you will always have people you can count on but most importantly you can count on yourself. Who says you have to be out with someone to be having fun? Get that upbeat music on and go make a fool of yourself and sing a long. Have that night in doing things that make you feel good. Life is too short to let people who don’t deserve you eat up your time.

Remember your values - you believe in kindness. But remember to respect yourself enough to not let them walk all over you. And don’t facilitate someone’s bad behaviour - put them in their place if you have to and they aren’t treating people they way they should. Sometimes you’ll lose it with people - that’s okay too and doesn’t make you a bad person because even the best people get angry with someone at some point. 

WALK AWAY once you know you have done all you could. It’s not on you anymore. You don’t need to deal with that stress in your life. You’re not losing out on anything - they are because if you tried to sort it out and they didn’t cooperate, clearly you’re the more mature one. 

So they’ve managed to upset you - despite you doing your best to ignore everything which is fine because you’re human.  LET IT BE because you’re clearly going to find someone so much better. No regrets - they taught you a lesson and you’re grateful for the fun times - nexttttt. At the end of the day you know you can count on you - because the one person that’ll never leave you stranded is yourself and you know what you stand for.

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