We all wear masks

by - January 19, 2018

There are different sides to us all - but does anyone see all of them? 

Like icebergs, people normally expose only a small part of themselves, and generally just the part they wish to show. – Nikki

I was recently wondering about how different people in my life know different sides to me - my friends, my family, my teachers. How each of us can carry so much without anyone knowing. You can walk past a stranger who seems fine, who in reality can be going through so much. 

We are all seen differently and act differently around different people. We all adopt different masks and ways of acting to fit the situation that we are in- each person sees another side. At work, a more professional side, at home a more personal side and we all act in a particular way when first meeting someone. Does anyone see us completely?

Most people have some things that they don't tell anyone and that they keep to themselves. It hides some aspects of ourselves: for fear of harsh judgement and being torn apart by the words of others.

Even many of us when it comes to how we feel. We may put a mask of happiness. Seeing everyone on social media having a 'perfectly happy' life, we don't want to be left out of that box. It's a minority of people who post sadder or more uncomfortable moments on social media sites such as Instagram and no one really posts all of their down moments. Most of the social media is concentrated on the highlights- another mask. We can edit pictures of ourselves on the other side of the world smiling, whilst being at home following the usual routine of daily tasks whether that be work, school, cleaning etc.

It's not bad to wear a mask. We all have our different masks we wear depending on situations and they all form a part of who we are- the different masks are perhaps just the many different sides to our personality. But, it can be a problem if we are masking everything to the point where you can no longer see you. Sometimes we have to let some people see the bigger picture and put together all the different puzzle pieces of ourselves. 

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