We don't fit into boxes

by - September 08, 2019

After taking the Harry Potter sorting quiz various times after not expecting to be sorted into Gryffindor (yes I guess I betrayed the sorting hat as you aren't meant to do that oops) and the Buzzfeed quiz with all the official Pottermore questions, it struck me how I was put in all the houses but Slytherin.  On the official website, I somehow seemed to end up with Gryffindor the most. Buzzfeed, in contrast, seemed certain that I was a Ravenclaw.

Each house has main traits they are known for- Hufflepuff for being kind and loyal, Ravenclaw for being smart and witty, Gryffindor for being brave and Slytherin for being more ambitious. Having been sorted into all of them apart from Slytherin got me thinking just how complex we all are as humans and how we are not just one thing. Yes this isn't just a Harry Potter post. There are many sides to us (which I guess is also partly touched upon in Harry Potter as you are sorted into the house that most matches your strongest trait but will not always be an exact match).

Whilst we might be known specifically for something, no word on its own can define who we are. We are also free to change who we are and don't have to conform to just one ideal. I always think of people as having lots of sides - we all to a certain extent wear different masks in different social settings - we will play up different aspects of our personality more or less depending on the situation. All those versions of ourselves are still part of our identity - that is why I believe we don't just "fit into one box". 

I often find labels really restrictive as they only ever describe one side to you. This is something I have found especially relevant to me in my national identity. We all have many traits and should never feel the need that because we are associated with something specific that we cannot try something else. For example, just because you may have a job in an academic sector, doesn't mean you can't be creative. 

Don't let what is expected of you or what you have been or are associated with define what you can and can't do and what you try. Because you are more than just a stronger trait that is associated with you. You can accept or reject the labels you are given and be who you want to be

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