Photography: where my blogging journey started

by - September 13, 2020

Collage of nature photos - including lilac flowers, grass blowing in the wind.

My blogging journey started sharing my photography. I found I had various photos which I wanted to share, but did not necessarily fit on my personal Instagram or on other social media. I wanted a place to be able share my love for photography with everyone, as well as experiment with my camera- that is how Esterella’s Photos came about. Yet, I realise that on this blog, I have not promoted my photography all that much. I am not sure if that is because I have always seen my photography as a hobby and I am not professional photographer.  However, I do photograph a lot of moments, whether that be on my phone or camera. Anything I see that I think looks pretty will end up on my camera roll. Since how I got into blogging was through wanting to share those photos that capture the beauty in nature and in the ordinary, it is only right, there is at least one blog post about my photography journey. 

I love the way that you can tell a story through photography and capture interesting or beautiful shots from what otherwise would just be seen as very ordinary. During lockdown, where our lives changed and a lot of our plans were cancelled, photography was a hobby I was able to spend more time on. I was able to take some new photos with my camera, which I had not done in a while. 

You can find some of my more recent photos below. I hope that they inspire you to see your surroundings with a new perspective- it did for me. It definitely reaffirmed how even areas you have walked by very often can be fun to photograph, especially if you come at it from different angles. Even somewhere you have walked by many times before can become a beautiful photo if you look at it from a creative angle. 

Lockdown captures in a local park:

A dandelion surrounded by grass blowing in the wind

Lilac flowers surrounded by branches

Yellow flowers and blackberry bushes with a blue stream in the background.

Purple flower through a gate

Red berries against a backdrop of grass

Lilac flowers and grass blowing in the wind

Local woodlands

I discovered this local woodland when exploring my local area. I wanted to do something out of the routine to keep myself more interested and less bored. Along with my sister, I went down streets I don't typically walk into and was pleasantly surprised to find nature so untouched. Sometimes beauty can be found in places you don't expect it. I did not expect to find woodlands near a street with a supermarket that is usually quite busy (well relatively busy being in London).  The photos below are unedited.

Fence surrounded by trees

Trees surrounded by nature in a local woodland

Path surrounded by trees with a grey fence on the left

Blackberry bush with blackberries - some ripe and some growing

You can see the rest of the photos I took when discovering this woodland here (link opens in new tab). 

I find photography relaxing and a form of self-care as something I enjoy. I hope to make this going forward a more regular part of my life. Maybe describing the story behind my photos could become a series as an addition to my photography blog.  In the meantime, if you would like to check out my gallery of photos please click here - I would love to know your thoughts! 

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