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by - March 28, 2018

Top 10 quotes and life mantras. 

We all sometimes need a little inspiration and motivation- so here are some of mine... 

All the credit of the quotes goes to their respectful owners.

1)It's cool to be kind
I'm all about being resilient and not letting people get you down. But, now it is almost as if being 'savage' is on trend where it's just being unkind for the sake of being tough for no apparent reason. There is a real beauty in being kind and helping others. 

2)Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we're here, we should dance
Life is unpredictable and things do not go to plan a lot of the time. But we should make the most of everything and enjoy what we do have. 
3)Be the type of person you want to meet
If you met yourself, would you like the kind of person you are? Treat others how you like to be treated. There is a real satisfaction and joy that comes from making others happy and to see them smile. 
4)Open your mind before you open your mouth
In the world we live in today, it is so easy to think that our opinion is all that matters and forget about all the other opinions. Being open minded is something I think is so important and not very many people can do. Because it involves trying to understand different people's ideas and points of view that may be different to your own. But before judging it's important to consider and try and comprehend the position people are in and where they are coming from and why. 
5)Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none
Although it's not something we like to think about, reality is we will be let down by some people. But no matter what our experience with the person or what they may have done, love wholeheartedly and no matter what someone has done, try and be the best person you can be. Someone not being a decent person doesn't really justify you doing the exact same thing. Know how much it sucks and don't put someone through those hard feelings knowing exactly what it is like. 
6)If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.
We can change our situation and position if we want to. And if we can't mindset makes a huge different. Although much easier said than done, thinking about something in a new more positive light, can make situations a lot easier and better to deal with. 
7) Never be ashamed of what you feel. You have the right to feel any emotion that you want, and to do what makes you happy. That's my life motto- Demi Lovato
It is completely OK not to feel OK all the time. Nobody is happy always and it is natural to feel sad, depressed and unmotivated at points. Embrace the different feelings and appreciate that if we never felt sad, we would not be able to appreciate when we feel happy or know what happy is. 
8) We were born to be real not perfect 
Make mistakes- we all do. And learn from them. No one is faultless so embrace it. Connect to people, inspire and grow as a person. 
9) Live, love, laugh
Nothing really to say here. Appreciate and enjoy what you have to the fullest. Take action to make yourself happy. 
10) Use your smile to change the world, but don't let the world change your smile. 
Be yourself and be proud of who you are. Use it to change people's life for the better. 
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