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by - July 15, 2018

I came up with this idea to hopefully bring some comfort to someone, put a smile on their face or be a small act of kindness that they might need on a bad day. The idea is that I write a series of letters/ notes anonymously to help lift spirits and make people feel less alone. We aren't always as honest and open with more difficult and negative feelings, which can leave us feeling lonely - I wanted to create a space that was truthful to more negative feelings we can all sometimes experience, yet bought some hope. A place that could be a safe haven or a little pick me up for people when they need it (including me).

After researching on the internet to see if something like this existed, I found that there were no blogs which had a section of anonymous letters or notes,  or had written anonymous letters. However, I came across Letters left in London (https://lettersleftinlondon.tumblr.com) which is a blog that showcases someone's journey of leaving anonymous uplifting messages/letters in public spaces for strangers to find. Since that blog is older than mine, it is only right I mention it. It is a beautiful idea and blog so definitely go and check it out! These are a series of notes or letters, for anyone to read, but rather than being left in a public space outside, it is a section of my blog.

I hope that these put a smile on your face or bring comfort and encourage you to be kind in what can sometimes be a very cruel world. But more than that, I hope it reminds you that you are never alone and that we can connect through feelings because regardless of cultural differences, that is something that we all experience.

This section is starting off as letters or notes, but it might expand into an area of things that bring reassurance.

Have a beautiful day!

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