Message to those a little lost...

by - July 15, 2018

Dear reader, 

Most of us want direction. Sometimes we want to have everything worked out,  but we can't because life is unpredictable.

Life changes and takes its twists and its turns. It isn't always what you expect it to be. And though thinking about what is in stock in the future can be scary as it's hard to know exactly what might happen or we may not always feel ready, things have a way of working out. When the time comes more often than not, we will feel prepared and if we aren't we dive in and learn and grow in the process. And if it doesn't go well, there is almost always something you can do and a way of moving forward.

Whatever the experience, even if it is bad, we can take away and learn something from it. It is really easy to feel a little overwhelmed and lost, especially when we think what could happen in the future. Taking things at your own pace and step by step makes everything seem less daunting.

This is just a little reminder incase no one told you today. You got this. It's OK. It is natural to get lost sometimes. It's fine not to have everything under control (in fact it is impossible to control everything). Focus on the moment,  what is in your control and enjoy what you have now. The future will sort itself out and you can deal with it when it comes.

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