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by - October 28, 2019

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We are all always so busy - or feel the need to have things to do all that time that sometimes we neglect ourselves. We can get so caught up in helping others, giving ourselves to work, friends, family that we can forget to look after ourselves. Here are some of my fav things to do to reconnect with myself and sometimes just take that step back we very much need.

1) Evaluate how it is you are feeling now and acknowledge it -write it down, make a song, think about it, write a poem, meditate. Whatever it is that helps you realise and really notice how you are feeling. In the everyday hustle, it is so easy to forget to check in with how we really feel. Reflect on it and just embrace it whether negative or positive. 

2) Take time to plan something you want to do - it doesn't have to be a very elaborate plan. But, work on something you really love.

3) Know where your limits are. This is hard and I'll admit, I am still learning mine. But, if you've reached that point for example with your work where you are tired, anxious and you're finding it really difficult to see things clearly, it's a sign you need a break. I am sometimes the person that keeps pushing, but doing work is overvalued. It isn't about how much work you do, it's the quality and how productive you are and I promise you, you can afford to take that break. Sometimes a little time off can help you be more focussed in the long run- so disconnect and focus on you.

4) Say no. Saying yes to things you want to do is so important. But, equally as important is saying no to what you don't want to do. Don't fancy a night out because it's pouring down with rain, but feel pressured to because everyone else seems to be going out? You don't have to do it. Do what you feel is right for you.

5) Do something that relaxes you - whether that be making yourself tea, grabbing coffee, painting your nails, a face mask, reading a book.

6) Disconnect - focus on what you have now. Put your phone on do not disturb - you do not have to be connected and replying to messages/ emails all of the time.

7) Let it go. Overthinking about something wrong you might have said to someone else last week? Me too (maybe in this very moment- I’m an overthinker myself). Something you wanted to do differently? Stop beating yourself up about it and be gentle with yourself. It is much easier said than done, but remember it is out of your control and we all make mistakes and have some things we wish we had done differently. It is normal - you are not perfect, you are a real person.

Taking a step back every now and then is necessary so don't feel guilty for taking some time for yourself and stopping for a while. Before I used to feel the need to be doing something 'productive' a lot of the time, but taking time to yourself really is much more beneficial in the long run- it helps you feel refreshed and ultimately be more productive later. But, more than that it looks after your mental health.

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  1. I just read your blog. I recognize myself very much in it. These are things that I struggle with a lot. Difficult things but very important. I am now also trying to work on this and to pay more attention to it. Nice how you described it. Keep it up!

    1. Thank you for your feedback. We are never alone in struggling with something and it is okay to find things difficult. 💛We all on our own journey with this- hopefully this helped you in some way.


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