Motivation when you feel like giving up

by - December 01, 2019

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So it hasn't gone to plan or recently things are feeling a little uphill. Here is a rewritten and readapted letter I wrote to myself when I was feeling just that - a little disappointed and deflated. I used it to help lift my spirit and hopefully, this will lift yours.

Dear reader, 

You know what is so great about you. You don’t give up. You keep going until the very end.
So even if the result isn’t what you want it to be or was not what you expected. You get back
up and you keep going. You keep trying. Because that is who you are. Someone that will not be
phased by things that don’t go quite to plan. The person that will keep fighting for what they want - that has been the reason you have made it countless times before. Now this that feels like is going on forever is just part of the struggle. Keep holding on because although it seems like it won't end, like you'll never make it, you will. You will look back on this very moment in the future and think hey I am glad I kept going. Sure, sometimes it will feel like the hard work didn't pay off, but you can't have everything always work out. Be proud of the things you have done.

You wouldn't learn if things didn't get hard. If you always got exactly what you wanted and things went exactly to plan. This thing you're going through now, what is making you want to throw it all down the drain - it teaches you to adapt, it teaches you to know how to be able to carry on - so you can turn into that person that makes failures a success. So you are a person that bounces back. Use this to learn, to grow, to carry on with your drive. To show that you can achieve whatever you want if you put your mind to it. Your attitude - the person you are becoming and what you learn. That is so much more important than the end result of anything. Because at the end of the day more than any result, what defines you is the way you react to something and choose to carry yourself forward.

Go and SMASH it.

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  1. I applaud your spirit. Meaningful words that spoke to me too. Thank you! xx

  2. I applaud your spirit. Meaningful words that spoke to me too. Thank you! xx
    - Je (My Wellness Me)

    1. Thank you for blessing me with your time. I'm so glad it helped you! 💓

  3. Thank you for the motivational message!


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