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by - June 28, 2020

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I like to think I am a person that isn’t bothered by things, that can always move on. But, I can admit it’s often small gestures that I grow to really appreciate in people. The absence of this can sometimes upset me, or even sometimes little things, seemingly insignificant to others can annoy me. I guess we all have certain things that can bother us. This can sometimes lead to being labelled as “too sensitive”. I have found that often this involves negative connotations- the why can’t she control her emotions or why is she even getting upset?  However, in my opinion, this doesn’t have to and shouldn’t necessarily be the case. 

As people, we all have different things that we can find offensive, upsetting etc. as well as common ones. Part of this is learning to realise what actions can hurt or upset some people. Sometimes that can be noticing that what for you seems like something small can be hurtful to someone else. That doesn’t have to mean it is associated with the more negative version of being ‘too sensitive’, but rather it’s being able to acknowledge that each person has their own boundaries. These boundaries, somewhat unique in all of us are healthy- they protect our mental health. 

“Sensitive” people are often the most aware and the most perceptive to how others feel. We all have emotions we need to release and that shouldn’t be something that has to be contained, shaped, changed. I’ve sometimes wondered whether I was being “too sensitive” in a situation for just feeling sad or upset with what someone has done. Why at times I can’t get over things as quickly as someone else or brush it off. We shouldn’t always look at this feeling as bad- it can make you more self-aware and more understanding to other people’s struggles after all. In my case, me being “sensitive” has helped me connect with others better because from experience I know how much the small things that meant a lot to me, causing people to label me as sensitive can mean to others. 

We’re all human and what affects people and to what degree is relative to each person. That’s why being ‘sensitive’ doesn’t have to be bad - we’re all “sensitive” in some way or another. We should use that “sensitive” side in each of us to understand and appreciate why particular things can be so important to others, even if they aren’t to us. We should use this quality to reaffirm healthy boundaries to ourselves and understand others. 

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  1. I've been told many times that I'm too sensitive. One time someone told me it's ok to be sensitive because it means I'm a passionate feeling person which made it "too sensitive" feel more like a compliment.

    1. Nice to see it was also used as more of a compliment! Thanks for sharing your thoughts 😄

  2. I love this. I'm a huge empath which can make me very "sensitive", and I find that many of the people who use it as a negative thing use "you're just sensitive" as a way of undermining our feelings. It should not be that way! Everyone should be free to feel without concern of judgement.

    1. Yes- we all need to respect each other’s feelings and recognise each other’s boundaries. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment 💕


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