Memories of a slower life

by - September 08, 2022

Since graduating, I have had a lot more free time on my hands and a lot more time to reflect on my experiences. Having finished my degree, I no longer have a clear structure and everything is up to me. This has led to a natural pause after being involved in a lot over the last year. I have been reliving memories by looking at photos in my camera roll and playing back videos. I came across the clips that I took during the lockdown as some sort of video diary of what it was like.
Although I do not miss lockdown at all, I do think the fact it forced us to slow down was a good thing. Sometimes we do things so quickly and are looking at the next step before we have even finished what we are currently working on, that our lives feel chaotic. 

Looking through the few clips I had of lockdown reminded me of the pause we were forced to take when the pandemic first hit. Where we were left to focus more on nature and sunsets to escape. 

My third year of university was a lot of fun, but also more of a return to a more hectic lifestyle. Watching the collection of videos from the first lockdown transmitted a sense of peace to me I feel I had almost forgotten again and reminded me of the slower lifestyle we were all forced to have.  Although I would have thought after COVID, we would perhaps value more pausing, in many ways the return of normality sometimes makes it feel like COVID was never here. I hope the video I made below reminds you that you always have time to pause, even if just for a little bit, even now as we go back to socialising and leading the lives we used to have. If anything, I hope you can use the video below to disconnect and relax, to remember what it is like to stop, even if only for a few minutes. 

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