What I have learnt in isolation

by - April 19, 2020

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Being in isolation is definitely challenging - as a person who sees myself as an ambivert (both an introvert and extrovert) not being able to surround myself with people, especially friends has not been something I have found easy. But, being at home more and the world having pretty much stopped has given me more time to think - to reflect, to pause. Here are some of the thoughts and things I would say I have learnt.

1) What I have and everything I can be grateful for in my life. Our lives have changed hugely in such a short space of time suddenly forcing our routines to change and be different. They say you don't know what you have until you lose it and it really is true. Because even though you can value what you have, you don't quite realise its full value until you no longer have it. This situation has made me realise just how much I value friends and spontaneous moments amongst other things. How much joy they bring me.  I don't think I could appreciate just how much until I was in a situation where I could no longer do so many things I love. Even something as simple as having the freedom to go outside when you want- I did not really pay attention to that previously. When we get out of this situation I will be able to treasure small things like that more- especially treasure people and being able to spend time with them in real life and not just through a screen. 

2) Reflection. It isn't often where everything happening in your surroundings just comes to a pause and you have lots of time to just think. This is one of the few occasions where everything has stopped - because everyone is affected by this. It has made me realise just how busy everyday life is and how easy it can be to just get lost and ignore your inner dialogue. Just be at peace with yourself. 

3) Learning to lift myself up more - I did motivate myself beforehand as well, but being by myself more frequently and at home with less structure to my days has meant that I have needed to be able to lift myself up from low moods to a greater extent. I have needed to pay additional attention to what I was saying to myself because I have had more alone time.

4) How to listen more to how I feel. I think this is always a working progress for me because I am always learning more about myself and my limits. But, one of my main aims in this isolation period has been to focus on my mental health and wellbeing. To really respect whatever mood I was in and not push myself or pressure myself to feel a certain way- if I did not feel productive, I just acknowledged it and let myself not be productive. That has been really helpful because it has meant that I have come back to creating and work feeling more rested and just ready. Now more than ever I have the time to really listen to what my body tells me - this has made me realise that I need to incorporate it more into my routine generally - even when things go back to normal.

5) The importance of taking things day by day. This climate of uncertainty where we just have no idea what will happen and so can't really plan for the future has really got me to thinking about the now. It has reminded me of the importance of just taking it as it comes - going through life day by day, and not worrying too much about what may lie ahead. Focusing on the now in this climate has really helped me stay more positive because I am not thinking about what can feel like a never ending situation - I am dealing with just getting through/ trying to make the most of a shorter period of time.

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  1. These are some great things to learn in lockdown - I too have so many things I am grateful for that I might have missed before. Although not knowing what is to come isn't something I like, so I need to try and take things one day at a time as you've said.

    Em x


    1. Yes I have come to realise that even though you may value things when you have them, it isn’t until you lose them that you realise just how much they mean to you. Taking it one day at the time is something I find helpful as in the end you cannot control what will happen in the future. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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