Feeling beautiful

by - August 14, 2018

It is completely and entirely true that appearance isn't what is important and that it is inner beauty that counts. That being said, we cannot deny that as a society we do focus on appearance and though it is not important, it is somewhat important to each of us- none of us want to look like a fool and we like feeling pretty from time to time.

In all honesty, I have never been a person who has really bothered by my appearance on a daily basis. Yes obviously I somewhat care, but what I am trying to say is that it isn't something on my mind. That being said, occasionally, I have moments where it does come to mind and I just don't feel beautiful. I am very aware that there is so much more to outer beauty, but sometimes how you can feel about yourself on the outside can translate to the inside and vice versa. 

So here are some ideas of what to do when you're not feeling so beautiful (both on the inside and outside).

Try to think of what is not making you feel so beautiful. Is it that you are focused on your insecurities? If it is insecurities making you feel not so great, remember everyone has them and that most people are too busy focussed on their own to notice yours. What to you may feel like a big deal is probably something which a stranger or even your close friend would not even notice. We overanalyse ourselves so much more than other people do. Maybe it isn't insecurities and it is that you haven't been doing as much of what you love. Reflect on your current situation and your surroundings. 

Think about what you love about yourself- it may sound cringey, but by focusing on what you do like about yourself, you are not concentrating on what you don't like and what makes you feel less pretty (both on the inside and out). Wear what makes you feel comfortable - a shirt you really like or if you like wearing make-up, go ahead and do that.

Do what you love. Whatever hobby or thing that makes you happy- go and do it. Sometimes, what makes you feel less pretty both on the inside and outside is having spent a while not doing what you really enjoy in down time. It may not immediately obvious that you aren't doing a lot of what you love as you may be going through a phase with a lot of stress and work. That is why I think it is so important to focus on why you feel less beautiful and make a conscious effort to be aware of your surroundings and the current situation you are in.

Do not compare- this so much easier said than done. Society has taught us to compare yourself to others, but remember that often you are comparing your low to someone else's high. We don't see everyone else's low points and it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that others lead perfect lives. Be your own kind of beautiful- you've probably heard this before. But remember that being unique is beautiful and there is something special about it. You don't need to look like a 'model' and what the internet and society perceives as beautiful. Nor do you need to be into the same things society regards as valuable and desirable- have your own opinion and own it- be respectful of others but know that having a different perspective allows for diversity and growth. If everyone thought the same views on everything society would never move forward.

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