Do we really know ourselves?

by - September 07, 2018

Something that came to mind recently one night was how there are certain areas about myself that nobody really knows which led me to think about whether we even know everything about ourselves. Though I feel like yes we are the ones that know ourselves best for the most part- there are certain things that only you can know about yourself and no one else can. Do any of us really know absolutely everything about ourselves?

Yes, this may seem strange to think about. Because we know things about ourselves that absolutely no one else would be able to know. Being ourselves, we would think that we know all there is to know about ourselves.

However, there are certain things that not even we know about ourselves. For example, what we like and we don't like. We were not born knowing our likes and dislikes- we discover these things about ourselves as we try different things. We did not know if we liked ice-cream before trying it for the first time.

We also do not know just how capable we are until we do things. We do not know our abilities until we try different skills. We are unaware of our strengths and our weaknesses. In addition, there are qualities about ourselves that other people can pick up and realise more quickly on the outside that we ourselves cannot always notice.

Ultimately, although we all know aspects of ourselves that absolutely nobody can know, we are also all on a journey of consistently discovering new things about ourselves- whether it be things we like and don't like and our abilities.

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