Dealing with insecurities

by - September 16, 2018

We all have insecurities, including the people we don't think do. Even people who appear arrogant are probably concealing their insecurity behind the lack of acceptance of any type of criticism. Everyone has areas that they feel less confident about. Don't stress and feel alone when you doubt yourself at times or sometimes feel more insecure - I actually think that a little bit of self-doubt is helpful. It keeps you growing and learning. But, if not kept in check, it can stop us from living our life to the fullest and enjoying activities we would without lots of insecurities running our minds. I hope that if you happen to stumble upon this post when you are having one of those days, this helps and makes you feel better.

Here are the things that I found have helped me when I find I am doubting myself lots- I hope that they can be useful to you too. 

1) When you have one of those moments where you feel like you cannot do it, think of all the accomplishments and things you are proud of.  Remember specifically the times you had doubts along the way, and how despite those doubts, you managed to be successful by your standards (success is relative and we are all aiming for different goals). Think of all the people who are so proud of you and love you just exactly how you are and have so much belief in you.  If you feel you can't think of any, I believe in you- you have always made it through, which is why you are sat here reading this. You have managed to make it through so far and you can do it. Mistakes and things not going to plan are not evidence of you not being able to do it. It is evidence of you trying, learning, growing. Being one step closer. One struggle closer to making it.

2) Give yourself small goals. Sometimes it is easy to get carried away and aim for something huge. And I am not here to tell you you can't, you absolutely can. But, splitting it up into smaller sections makes it much easier and manageable and can especially be helpful if you are having one of those less confident days. Think of the small goals you have set yourself and how you are slowly but surely achieving them.

3) Sometimes things happen for a reason and everything has a solution. Work hard for what you want and trust the process - you will end up where you need to be. If you don't end up where you expected, you will be able to experience something new you otherwise would not have and there are many ways of getting to a destination. We all have those down moments. You won't feel like this forever and your best will always be enough.

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