Coping with change

by - September 15, 2019

We all experience change - it is inevitable and happens and will continue to happen. It's not something I find easy if I'm honest. But, I don't think anyone does. When struggling with change, I used to beat myself up about it thinking that other people were better at it. Or that I just wasn't the best with it. Here is the thing, there is no magic formula to it and everyone struggles with it. No one is 'good at change'. There are some people who adapt to it more quickly, but everyone goes through a period of adjustment.

The first thing I would say with coping with change, which I have mentioned briefly is to not beat yourself up if you find it difficult. It is so normal for you to miss how things were before. Change is difficult. You are going from a situation you were completely comfortable with, to the unknown and outside of your comfort zone. Give yourself time to get used to it and don't feel bad if it appears to take you longer than others- we are all different and will get used to things at our own pace. It is also worth noting that sometimes on the surface it can seem that some people are not struggling with change when they may be more than they are letting on. I have found that very often when you are open to others about it, that a lot of people are just as lost as you, but everyone is collectively pretending to have it together. 

Try and see the new opportunities and experiences that this change will bring. It is really easy to get caught up in missing how things were before and forget that actually, you are opening yourself up to so many new and amazing memories. The start of something new is never usually the most enjoyable part as you are finding your feet. It gets better and this change may well end up being an experience that in a few years time you are sad to leave behind.

Change = fresh start. One of the major advantages to change in my opinion is that it involves a new beginning and fresh slate in some way. You can take the opportunity to learn from previous mistakes, meet new people and present yourself the way you want to. There is nothing holding you back and no negatives affecting how you perceive other people or others see you. See this as a place to start fresh.

Talk about it. It can be very daunting to do, but I guarantee you will find someone in a similar situation to you. Talking about whatever change you are going through makes you feel less alone and can bring you closer to people also experiencing the same thing as you. Even just letting someone else you trust know how you feel can put it into perspective. Even if who you decide to talk to isn't going through change, it is something we can all relate to as we will have experienced it or will at some point. If everything feels overwhelming, remember there will be someone you can turn to for help and there is nothing wrong with that.

Try and enjoy changes as much as you can, but don't worry if you don't enjoy all of it. Remember you are finding your feet and getting used to something new so don't be harsh on yourself and give yourself space and time to adjust to everything. If you are experiencing change now, good luck, know that if you are finding it hard you are not alone and that you will get used to it and get back in the flow.

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