7 ways to value yourself

by - February 09, 2020

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I have often thought about how skilled someone is or clever someone is, and recently thought about how a lot of the time it can be really easy to get carried away thinking how amazing other people are and forget how incredible you are too - that you are valued. So this post is on recognising your worth too.

1) Think about what you are proud of - difficult moments you got through. Even something small that you found hard, but still did despite feeling scared.

2) Remember you are unique - it is too easy to think about how everyone else is really talented at something you might

3) You might be comparing your low to someone else's high - everyone is on their own journey - someone may seem incredibly successful to you at the moment, but you haven't seen their difficult points. Very few people are able to get where they want without any struggle. But, even for those who are able to get with little effort - it isn't something you have to jealous of because with struggle comes growth.

4) Think about what other people have said you do particularly well - it is really easy to brush off when someone says something nice about work that we do - take it in. Then remember it when you are doubting yourself.

5) Comparison. Think others are smart. So are you - you are so caught up in thinking everyone may be so much more intelligent than you that you forgot your own abilities.

6) Think outside the box - you are not just how skilled you are in the workplace, but also who you are as a person and as a friend. Maybe you're incredible at being perceptive to how others feel and are really good at comforting others even if you are not necessarily the best in an academic sense.

7) Allow yourself to try new things and make mistakes. No one is perfect first time. But, too often we put ourselves off something we might be good at because we're scared to try - scared that others would be better at it or you just wouldn't be the best fit. Allow yourself to fid out whether you are good at something and approach things with the "I have nothing to lose" mentality because wosrt comes to worst, if it is not for you, you will have learnt something and if you did not make it, you are in the exact same situation.

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