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by - February 16, 2020

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Being present and able to take things in is so valuable. But, in a world with social media and technology, it has become so easy to be there physically, but not mentally. Below are some things I like to do to ground myself a little and make sure I’m living a real life- to make sure I am 'living in the moment'.

Phone break/technology detox. Sounds a bit ironic coming from a blog I know... Let’s glide over that, shall we... But do I need to say more? I always take breaks from social media and my phone here and there and particularly around times like Christmas. It’s so liberating, but more than that it allows you to live your real life rather than your life through a screen. I’m still working on getting the balance right with social media to be honest. But, I know that cutting it out for a while every now and then for me is essential.

Let go of the past - I am way too guilty of taking a trip down memory lane every so often. Thinking about how it used to be and not quite appreciating what I have now. It’s important to carry some things about your past and it’s good to reflect. But thinking about what you had before and how it used to be before too frequently stops you from really making the most of the time you have at the moment. In the end, what is gone is gone and what is in the future is yet to come.  Now and the present is all we really have to enjoy. Hey,  making the most of the present if anything will give us more to reminisce when our future self chooses to take a trip down memory lane. πŸ˜‰

Think about what you’re doing. We’re all guilty of mindlessly doing things. Some things because they’re a habit. I’m not saying to aim to always consciously think about what you’re doing because that’s unrealistic. But, choosing a few tasks in a day, where you are going to solely focus on that task and setting aims helps you feel like you’re really present. Do your normal everyday tasks with intention. 

I don’t think anyone is present all of the time and we all have moments where our mind wanders and we’re not really focusing on what we’re doing or the situation we’re in. But, taking some time to make an effort to have moments where you feel present and are enjoying something makes you feel grounded. It stops you ending up with a feeling that life is just passing you by.

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  1. This is a great post. An excellent reminder to find focus in the moment and reflect rather than dive into past or future influences. Great read.

  2. A great post! Definitely important to be present and not stuck to your phone all the time x

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog πŸ’›Glad you enjoyed the post.


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