Feeling like you aren't making the most of life? FOMO and how to deal with it

by - March 28, 2020

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Feeling like you aren't making the most of life? I have had this feeling recently, especially where I have had lots happening, which has meant that I have felt I can't make the most of everything. This has surprisingly come almost with a feeling of guilt so I am here to rationalise it. Hopefully, it will be helpful to someone else that may have had or is going through a similar experience.

Social media can come with a pressure to always be doing something - being involved in lots of opportunities or always busy. It does not account for low points or moments where you need a break and can give the impression that you always need to be active and taking everything that comes your way to be making "the most of life".

You cannot control every aspect of your life - we often cannot control external factors that give us a difficult time.  For those difficult moments which you have no control over, you shouldn't feel bad for not being able to do all you want to do. It is normal that you are not always able to do everything that you want to do or feel like you aren't always "living life to the fullest". I have come to learn that making the most of opportunities does not mean that you are always taking up everything you want to do because there will inevitably be hard point in your life where you can't do this. It means when you can, you are not turning things down and doing what is fulfilling for you. Sometimes it is just a case of getting through lows or even just through the day - you should not feel guilty or bad for that.

Lows are part of life as much as highs. If you are going through a hard point it is normal to feel like you aren't making the most of your life. You are not missing out - there will be other moments, better points in your life where you will be able to have fun. Everyone goes through the low points - it is just other people's low points are not as well documented.

There are periods where you need to hit pause. Sometimes you just need a break. That means not being involved in 124678234 things that you may have wanted to do to make sure that you don't burn out. Taking a break doesn't mean having to miss out - it is you recharging and allowing yourself to be able to have fun in the future.

Be aware of your feelings and acknowledge how you feel whether good or bad. If the feeling isn't so positive, forget feeling like you should be doing more to make the "most of your life". Mental health is important and life long- the rest can wait and there will be other moments you can do what you have been wanting to do. πŸ’™

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  1. This came just in time because I have been feeling like this a lot ! thank you.

    1. I am so glad that this post was able to help you! πŸ’›It can be quite easy to feel like this especially now. Hope you are well ☺️


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