Things to take away from 2018

by - December 27, 2018

I can't quite believe that I have had this blog for just over year. I did a post last year similar to this which is linked here. This is what I learnt from 2018 (well some of what I learnt - I learnt more than just 5 things, I promise 😉😂).
I am actually very happy overall with how this year has gone for me- I feel I have broken barriers, grown as a person and done some things that my younger self would have never thought I would do. That being said - if this year hasn't been your best year for whatever reason, a new year is on its way and there is always time to change things around - you can't change the beginning, but you can still control how it ends. 💟

1) You will drift apart from people and friendships change and that is okay - it is natural and it does not necessarily have to be a bad thing.

2) Once you have done all you can, let people go. It is not worth the stress and once you have done all you can, it is no longer on you. It is for someone else to take the next step. Some people just aren't worth your time. You will find people who will appreciate you for who you are, with your flaws.

3) Although there will always be people you can count on, the best person you can count on is yourself. You can control what you do, but not what others do. 

4) Pushing yourself and having small goals makes all the difference. It makes goals feel more achievable. 

5) You are constantly learning about yourself and the way you react to things - taking the time to assess how you feel what you feel and coming up with solutions to make yourself feel better is so important. It really does have a huge impact.

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