Not retaliating

by - May 30, 2020

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I have many a time in the past heard comments about me behind my back or seen things said about me on social media- recently I saw some tweets about me. I had 2 options- to reply back or to ignore it and carry on with my life. I chose to move on and carry on. Why? Because there’s a real power in not retaliating and just walking away sometimes. Realising that there are some battles that aren’t worth the time.

At the end of the day, we all have our truths to tell. Just because someone doesn’t like hearing your reality or your side of the story doesn’t mean it’s not valid. But, when you’ve spoken it through and you’ve said your truth, whether someone continues to dwell on that and trying to keep knocking your side of the story isn’t on you.

Sometimes doing nothing is better than doing something. Fighting that urge to act back can be so beneficial. If you’ve been vocal about something once, you don’t need to carry on repeating yourself. Trying to convince someone of something. Let it be- ‪just because someone says something about you doesn’t mean it’s true and it reflects so much more about who they are as a person than you. ‬That’s why I think there’s a power in not retailing. There’s a power in realising that you don’t need to say anything back to someone trying to bring you down, especially when for them they’re doing it as a way of making themselves feel or look better. You have that strength to know your worth - so much so that you know not even waste your energy on it. 
It’s a way of not letting them win by carrying on with your life and showing them that quite frankly you’re onto bigger and better things. They can’t bring you down and your words don’t have to show it - your actions do. It’s demonstrating that you don’t need someone else’s validation - you walk away with dignity and knowing that you don’t have to repeat yourself to know that you have your own voice and your own story to tell. Because no matter what someone tries to make you believe, your version of events is also important. 

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  1. I like this way of thinking and how you dealt with it. I share every thought and action. Bravo.

  2. It can be hard to let stuff go, I'm glad you have a way of dealing with things.

    1. I can find it difficult to let some things go or take a while to get over something, but find that once I have found a way to cope with it or feel better, I can let it be. Thanks for taking the time to comment.😃

  3. I feel you. I sometimes feel like I don't belong. And this is also the reason why I don't listen to everyone, not everyone will understand or would want to.


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