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by - May 17, 2020

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Finding my own voice and realising what I stand for was something that took me a while and I think is always an ongoing process. Writing this blog in many ways has helped me find my voice and has given me a platform to share things that are important to me. Learning to utilise it and discovering what I believed in has been one of the biggest things in boosting my confidence and self-esteem, which at one point in my life was very low.  Hopefully, this can help someone on their journey to discover their own voice. 

I know it can be scary to speak your views. Especially because others can make you feel like you do not have an opinion worth sharing. But, put it out there. It doesn’t have to be all at once- you can start small and build up to it. Making sure you do state how you feel is incredibly helpful in forming your own beliefs. Don't be scared of being challenged - have faith in your justifications. It is OK if after a discussion if your view changes. If anything, it shows that you are open-minded enough to listen and really take into account what others say. Putting your views in the open and exposing yourself to other opinions is what will either help confirm if you still hold the same belief or shape what your new views are, allowing you to find your own voice. 

Writing - I’ve mentioned before how writing a diary has got me through so much. But it’s also helped me find my own voice. Because a diary is in itself your own story and your voice. Except without any added pressure from others because it’s just for you. Only you read it back if you want. Making a habit of expressing your thoughts helps you realise and discover what it is you feel and believe. 

Consider starting a blog. I love blogging- it has given me the opportunity to share what I care about and given me a creative outlet. I’ve learnt a lot about myself along the way too and this has grown with me. Blogging anonymously has allowed me to find my style of writing and helped find my ‘voice’ and learn to express it. At the beginning it’s not quite right, it feels strange and you’re not sure what to write about it. But, as you carry on you really find your writing style and what it is you want to say. 

Experiment and be open. There isn’t a set way of discovering what you believe and how to speak up. 

Finding your own voice is one of the most empowering things and will change over time- but that is part of the beauty of it- it evolves as you do. 

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