Waiting for the ‘perfect moment’

by - May 24, 2020

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I think there’s a real tendency in society to put things off until we feel ‘ready’ or until there’s a better moment. I was recently thinking about moments I’ve really enjoyed or something I was proud of myself for and found that in most of these cases I didn’t feel as ‘ready’ as I thought I would, but I went ahead and did it anyway. That either allowed for self-growth or just for spontaneous moments that make life fun. 

A lot of the time, waiting for the perfect moment is down to fear. Fear that we’re not capable, that we might fail, that it might go wrong. But this mindset of waiting for a better moment, where we’re more ready is often the very mindset that puts us off doing something all together. Because we can always convince ourselves that there will be a better moment. That we will feel more ready in the future. That you can do more and then you’ll be able to tackle x,y,z.  But, truth is you can never know for sure when that moment will be, or if you’ll ever get the feeling that moment has arrived, so you might as well do it now. 

I’ve learnt that self-growth happens in those moments where you don’t feel completely prepared, but do it anyway. It isn’t a case of having to practice lots until you feel absolutely certain you’re up to it and then you grow (although of course, you have to judge when it is something realistic for you and that you’re not going from 0-100). Most of the time, in my case doing things, even when it wasn’t the ‘perfect’ moment and I could’ve done more has been a chance to realise that I was so much more equipped for the situation that I thought I was and I was just scared. Looking back, all the moments which really helped me learn about myself and led me to feel more comfortable doing something where all times where I did not think I was ready, but probably was.

More than anything, doing things just outside of my comfort zone in moments that weren’t ‘perfect’ made me realise that I and only I am in control of my self-growth. There isn’t going to be a moment where it all magically falls into place. Where you suddenly realise that all the signs are there and you can just do it - you have to build up to it. There isn’t a moment where it’s ‘right’ because you’ve got to create that for yourself. You’ve got to as a well-known quote says ‘take the moment and make it perfect’.

                                                             Don't wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect. Quote graphic

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  1. This is so true! There's never an opportune moment, you just have to push yourself when it's scary and it pays off

    Ash | pricklypineapples.ie

    1. Yes exactly! 💛 Thanks so much for taking the time to comment 😌

  2. Love your thoughts on this! I feel like waiting for the perfect moment for me is often more an excuse not to move forward with what I have in mind. Sometimes we create the perfect moment when we go ahead and instigate change. :)

  3. Yes, we can do so much more by bringing about the change ourselves! Hope you have / have had a lovely day 🧡

  4. Lovely post. Once we get passed our initial fear - it can be quite surprising what we can achieve. We are learning to listen cease the moment and what we have found, is that once you start thinking in terms of "everything is an opportunity" no moment feels like the wrong moment, no moment feels like we should wait for it heheh! Thanks for sharing. x

    1. Yes I agree. Thanks for taking the time to comment 😌💕


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