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I’ve always been someone that likes to keep lots of small which to everyone else is insignificant things that remind me of certain events, like for example tickets from planes, trains, an event I went to that I really enjoyed or really meant something to me. They help form really nice memories, but collecting small ‘memories’ as I call it becomes a bit of a problem when you end up with lots of tickets and items and nowhere to put them. This is why I turned to scrapbooking. In this post, I hope to give you some ideas of what you could include in your scrapbook and create a book that can be a beautiful hub of your memories.

1) A collage of your favourite photos and quotes. A classic, but nothing quite captures a memory of yours like a photo.

2) A page for all your tickets. If you’re anything like me you’ll have accumulated a few tickets of events you went to that you don’t want to forget. You will have kept the ticket as a souvenir multiple times and then later down the line realised you have actually accumulated a lot of tickets. Having loose tickets everywhere is not quite a plan so arranging them into a book where you can’t lose them or have them clutter your bedroom or purse is a good way to put them to use. It also gives you the freedom to arrange them in a creative way and maybe even add doodles or a collage of other related things that are meaningful to you.

3) Wrapping. I am a person that like to cut out and keep a little piece of the wrapping of all the gifts I’m given. Maybe because I like remembering people’s kindness and the time they took to gift something to me. But, it also makes for a really nice collage where you can showcase the different patterns. It’s one of those pages in my scrapbook that reminds me of people’s generosity, and what I have to be grateful for as well as being a really nice memory of different birthdays or times when I was gifted something.

4) Messages - I guess this depends on whether the people in your life have been ones to give you little notes on pieces of paper. But, you could also apply this to cards you are given. I put in my scrapbook a good luck note I was given from a friend before sitting an exam and it’s a nice reminder of a nice memory for me, but also the fact that there are people that care for me. You could even turn a page into nice things people have said to you either in person or through text. I find it’s a way to capture small special moments that mean a lot and can also serve as a confidence booster to look at if you’re feeling low.

This was a slightly different post, but I hope it gave you ideas and maybe even inspired you to create something that’s meaningful to you. I’ve always been someone that loves to capture memories and do it through various methods: scrapbooking, keeping a diary, writing, music etc. and I have found it is something that helps me.

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  1. I love the idea of scrapbooking but have grown so disorganized with saving little keepsakes. I would love to make one of funny/sweet texts between my husband and I.

    1. That would be lovely 🧡 Thanks for taking the time to comment


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