Going with the flow

by - January 31, 2021

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Going with the flow- doing things in a way that feels right for you in the moment without overthinking it too much. The best way to be creative - it allows you to get lost in the magic of the moment. To forget expectations, do what your body asks you to do and express yourself. But, sometimes it is so hard to do because we are almost taught not to do this. We get lost in what the final result will be, in making sure it looks perfect or a particular way because that is what we have been taught is 'beautiful'. 

I was thinking about this one day where I felt exhausted and knew I needed to take some time off for my mental health. I started a digital drawing. Not with any idea in mind or any intention. Just for the sake of letting myself be. Being able to express myself. It made me realise how I don't do this enough and how it is not encouraged enough. We rarely let ourselves just get lost in the moment and forget about whether what we will create or be doing necessarily aligns with what is expected of us or what would be considered an 'optimal result'. Just doing something for the enjoyment of it or to disconnect and feel more at peace with yourself. Doing it for you

As we get older, I feel like generally, we tend to experiment less. We do not let our imagination run wild in the same way we did as when we were a child. We become more aware of social expectations and what society deems as acceptable. We feel the need to fit into a box or a particular label. To stay in our lane.  

But, by being so caught up in the result, we can forget to enjoy the journey. The experimentation that comes with life or certain activities. We can miss the magic that comes with getting so lost with something that time flies.  Discovering something different that may really resonate with us. A new style or way of approaching things that really works for us and finding the best fit for ourselves. After all, what is best for you/ the right path to take is unique to you as we are all different people. 

The result from going with the flow will not necessarily better or worse- it is what it meant to be. Unique because you allowed your mind to be free in that moment, to experiment. There is something special about that. To for once forget any goals and see what could come out of doing the unexpected/ what feels intuitive to you in the moment. 

Going with the flow has allowed me to disconnect more recently. To slow down. Be more present and listen to my inner voice more. Detach myself from my thoughts a little more. It is something worth considering if you find yourself swamped in your worries. You never know what you could create or could be missing out on by not letting your mind experiment, letting yourself play around with different things for the sake of it. Without a particular objective. Whether you apply that to art, music or any other hobby or area of your life, going with the flow can allow you to discover something new, and reconnect with a voice inside you you may have lost in the midst of everything. 

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