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by - January 17, 2021


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I was recently thinking about what to write. Overthinking it and especially aware of the fact that I’m just a 20 year old girl studying law. What I write about and share on this blog isn’t an area I can say I am an expert in. I’m not a psychologist or a psychiatrist. What I know about psychology is purely out of interest and there’s still so much I need to learn. I’m simply sharing my life experiences and things that have helped me.  Words that I think others need to hear too. I wondered what someone like me can possibly have to add. What I say in my blog posts isn’t necessarily groundbreaking. It may even be things you already know. That got me thinking about value. About how everyone has a voice and adds value in some way and how the way I was thinking about it was wrong. Sure, what I say might not be something you’ve never heard before but it’s based on my unique life experiences. They are words that can be comforting to others. Words that although not necessarily completely new, words people may need to hear. 

Truth is, it’s almost impossible to say something groundbreaking or something that hasn’t been said before. Even if you are an expert in a field, what you learn and can say are theories that have already been written by others. An idea will never be completely unique - it will always have been done by someone else in some shape or form beforehand. But you make it your own, and that is what is special. Just because it’s not completely novel, doesn’t mean it doesn’t add value. In my case, even if the words I put across the page aren’t words that have never been seen before, they matter because they are based on my experience. Unique in the sense that it’s based on my life, which no one else will quite have the same. They matter because no one else will have quite written it exactly like I have, even if the core message is the same. Valuable because they can allow others to connect to me and find common ground. 

Sometimes we can chase finding something that’s never been done so much, that we forget that the value we already have. That ultimately, as each of our life experiences are different, even if we’re writing about the same thing, we have something to add. You have a voice and you don’t need a platform with millions of views to make a difference. You don’t need to say something completely groundbreaking to add value. You and your experiences will always add something because they will always be slightly different to someone else’s. What you have to say matters.

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