Why I don't focus on body weight

by - January 26, 2020

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Now I'll be honest writing about this does make me feel a little nervous - partly because it is a taboo subject in society and I don't want to make anybody feel uncomfortable- in fact, I hope that this will have the opposite effect and maybe encourage you to think about it in a different way. But, the fact conversations like these are usually avoided is exactly why it needs to be spoken about more - to normalise it. So I am writing about my take on it, which is much more about loving your body and being healthy rather weighing a particular number of KG.

There are many pressures on particularly girls in society to look a certain way and have a certain figure. This can sometimes lead to an obsession with what you weigh. I personally have been lucky in that I have never struggled with wanting to be a certain weight - in fact for the longest time, I didn’t even know what I weighed because to be quite frank with you, I didn’t care. Recently, I did decide to find out just out of curiosity and because there were some scales in the room. It led me to think how unhelpful focusing on weight can be.

Weight is not completely unimportant - you do have to weigh a certain amount in order to be healthy. But, that for me is where it ends. It’s not something to focus on numerically. As long as you are eating well and looking after yourself your weight isn’t something to be very bothered about. However, I know that for some individuals, this can be very difficult and I am not trying to dismiss that struggle.  Nor am I saying this needs to be taken to the extremes - both being hugely overweight and underweight can pose health problems and so should be avoided where possible.

I just find the focus on weight largely unhelpful because it depends on some factors outside of your control such as your metabolism. In my case, I have a very fast metabolism, which means I am always slightly underweight. That’s not something done on purpose and nor is it a health risk to me. A lot of people say I am a lucky to have a fast metabolism, but that is based on the stereotype that the perfect figure is someone who is slim. It’s neither better or worse, it's just different and everyone has different bodies. Embrace your body for what it is- whatever the shape or the size and know that most people have been insecure about elements of their body at some point (including me). Our body weight will fluctuate and change - it is normal. It is not meant to stay the same even if that is what social media tells you. 

I guess all I am trying to say is the focus should be on being a healthy and happy you whether that’s being slightly overweight or underweight or in the average. Focusing on the things about being healthy and happy that we can control better.

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  1. Absolutely agree! This post is so well written, and absolutely true. Like you I went the longest time not weighing myself, and to be honest wish I’d continued.

    There was a point I was trying to get heavier (stronger) when playing American football, but now I feel like I’ve gone the other way a bit. Perhaps I should just chuck the scales in the bin haha

    Em x

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts 💓It can be easy to get caught up in being a certain weight and I think that is also why I did not really weigh myself- because I wanted the focus for me to be on whether I was healthy and looking after my body properly. Hope you have/ had an incredible day 💙


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