Finding your space

by - April 10, 2022

It has been a while since I consistently blogged. I spent more than a year uploading every single Sunday of every week (with a few exceptions here and there), but somewhere along the lines, things got hard and I felt a bit lost. I stopped doing as much of what I loved. Even at points where I wanted to blog, I did not really know what to say. 

I kept thinking about the fact that I am just a 21-year-old woman studying law at university. I do not blog about law, which is what I have more knowledge on since I study it, or anything I can say I am an expert in.  Putting my words out on the internet when I have so much left to learn and I am not an expert made me wonder of the value of my posts. I spent a long time overthinking / really taking my time with posts to try and make sure that they really were useful. But, I realise the whole point of my blog is not that I am some kind of expert - it is as an honest space. Life experience - maybe the conversations you might have with close friends

The reason I started this blog in the first place is that there are not enough honest and open spaces on the internet. Places that are not all a collection of super happy and glamorous moments. The whole point of this blog was not that it was words from an expert, it is that they are words from a person. Someone you can relate to and I feel there is also value in talking about life experiences. These life experiences are not always spoken about enough and they are what we take from things. I wanted to create a space that I wish I could have found in my teenage years. A place to read things that are not necessarily groundbreaking or super unique experiences but help you realise that you are never alone. A place that also talks about things you can experience in everyday life, not just those "special occasions" we tend to want to share on Instagram or other social media. 

So I want to go back to more freely writing without thinking about my posts so many times over. Because we all have a space in the world for us. There is so much more in shared ordinary experiences than we realise - so much in just talking about life experiences casually. It is the kind of thing I know I look for on the internet because it feels more relatable for me. Because at the end of the day, very few of us have something super cool happen on an everyday basis.  Me thinking my posts over so much and spending so long rereading and maybe adding to them is not necessarily always the point. Some of my posts will be worse and some will be better, just like with experiences in life. 

Here is to finding your space and sometimes getting lost or doing something that is not necessarily the most amazing thing you have achieved. Because all of the parts including the worst ones and less thought out ones are a part of the journey

Keep me going 🙂:

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